The Plight of the Pact

The Relic Heir Trilogy Book 2

*Save family and friends from the Nav

*Avoid relic heirs (they will kill you)

*Keep Grace safe

Kyle Kiraly's list of things to do hasn't gotten easier since the destruction of his relic. The witch, Baba Yaga, is no longer in his head, but she'll stop at nothing to crush him or the Pact that keeps the rest of the magical community in check. Kyle's hope to save his father and friends will depend on the discovery of a new power, help from a Society agent, and the motives of the mysterious Ms. Black and her League of Freaks—but will it be enough?

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About Finn Blackwood

Finn Blackwood masquerades as a state worker by day, but his true passion lies in worlds of fiction away from the office. His daily bus commute is his secret writing weapon. Unlike every other writer out there, he has no pets, but he makes up for it with three amazing children whose adventurous lives provide non-stop ideas for stories.

Finn and his incredible wife, Gretchen, enjoy getting lost in the mountains, traveling to faraway places, and bingeing on their favorite Netflix series until the wee hours of morning. They make their home in Tooele, the real life sister city of Kambarka, Russia, which originally inspired the idea behind Book 1 in the Relic Heir Trilogy, The Mark of the Witch.

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