The Obama Proclamation

The Obama Proclamation

President Barack Obama issued a Proclamation to begin to reverse a Justice System that is broken. In the midst of America's bi-partisan movement for Prison Reform and a critical evaluation of federal Mandatory Minimum sentences, Ms. Turpin draws the reader into her world, in order to educate the reader as well as entertain. * * * * * * * * The OBAMA PROCLAMATION is the author's journey, written in a narrative about her meandering through the federal justice system, as a result of Mandatory Minimum sentencing, and Amendment XIII. Her memoir spans the day-to-day documents and speeches, which include the Constitution and President Obama's Re-Election speech. The reader will walk away with a clear understanding of America's prison system…and its shortcomings.

The Obama Proclamation is on sale in print and ebook.

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Rhonda Turpin is the author of several books of multiple genres, including, IN PRISON WITH MARTHA STEWART. She is from Shaker Heights, Ohio. You can contact her on: Or view future projects at: 

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