The Mystery of the Masked Marauder

Kidnapping, mystery, and the secret lives of pets.
Ever wonder why your dog will eat absolutely anything? Or why he seems to lose his mind whenever a squirrel is within 100 feet? Or question how your cat really feels about you?
Nate doesn’t have to wonder anymore. As soon as he moved to a new town, he discovered that he could talk to animals…and they could talk to him. This opens up a whole new world of exploration and adventure – at first.
But when neighborhood animals begin disappearing and a masked figure appears outside Nate’s bedroom window, it’s up to Nate and his trusty dog Basset to get to the bottom of the mystery and save the neighborhood. Along the way Nate and Basset encounter some unlikely friends: a gossiping, overweight cat, a lying weasel, and a hyperactive pug named Franklin.
Can Nate solve the clues in time?


This book pulled me in like an old school Stephen King novel, contained a lot of exhilarating action, suspense, and plenty of mystery that I was happy to try and piece together as I read along.

- Kristen


The author is an excellent, creative storyteller, with an imaginative flair. I enthusiastically recommend this book for both children and adults alike.

- Marlene

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Peter Cox is an American author specializing in fantasy, young adult fiction, literary short stories, and magical realism. He has also written a number of inspirational nonfiction short stories. In addition to writing creatively, Cox is an accomplished journalist, serving as Editor of the North Attleborough Free Press since February, 2011. Cox graduated from Patrick Henry College in 2009, with a BA in Journalism. He has previously worked at Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive, The Brockton Enterprise, and GateHouse Media.

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