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The Mysterious Man

Once, there was a teenage girl who lives in New York City with her abusive mother. Her mother is very mean to her and makes her complete errands every morning for a particular reason. One day, her mother gave her an errand to complete and sent her outside. While she was outside, the girl meets a man who is dressed in a type of fashion that is not suitable for the weather they were currently in. Once she talks to him, the little things in her life seem to change, leaving an impact forever.


"This was an enjoyable read. I loved the Mysterious Man. I also liked the way your main character overcame the harshness of her life. I think there are a few wrong wording places in your story and I think if you read your work out loud you will find and correct them easily. Keep writing your work shows lots of promise and possibilities."- CETurner
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Ibidun has been writing for a long time and wrote a few books at a young age. After he/she had written those books, he/she advanced in his/her previous school and learned more about writing. A few years later, he/she decided that he/she wanted to become an author and wrote "Qualiteria High" and "The Mysterious Man".

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