The Murder Run

The Travelers: Book Six

Never cheat a partner. Always get revenge. . .

The Traveling Man takes on a quick and easy safecracking job…easy until his partners are murdered and he’s on the run.

His wife is trying to settle into her new role as a rich man’s girlfriend, so she isn’t at his side.

Who are these killers who are after him? And how are they connected to the government agency that wants the envelope he took from the safe?

With the help of a new associate, he tracks the killers until he’s steered into a trap. They think he’s cornered, but he’s still got one ace up his sleeve. . .

The Murder Run is a gritty, hard-boiled crime thriller. If you like criminal intrigue, surprising plot twists, and high-speed action, you’ll love the sixth novel in the Travelers series.


“King maintains his svelte, addictive style…. There’s fresh tension here…. From the elegiac tone, readers may suspect disaster in the final pages…. The author alters the stakes in this entertaining con artist tale and brings his characters full circle.”—Kirkus Reviews

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About Michael P. King

Michael P. King is the Kirkus Reviews critically acclaimed author of the Travelers crime thrillers, which feature a husband and wife team of con artists who specialize in stealing from other criminals. “Sometimes people make decisions that have unintended consequences when they’re trying to take what they think is the easy way out or a shortcut to wealth or fame. I’m fascinated by this tendency, and it’s the jumping off place for my fiction.”

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