The Mountain Place of Knowledge

Do You Like Action Adventure Thrillers Like Indiana Jones, or books by Nelson DeMille, or James Rollins and the Sigma Force? The Mountain Place of Knowledge Will Keep You Turning the Pages Feverishly. PLEASE REVIEW THE BOOK TRAILER BELOW UNDER RELATED MEDIA!

Named Best Action & Adventure Thriller for 2013 - Foreword Reviews

  • "Masterful blend of reality with cutting edge science fiction . . . a spell-binding page turner." - Lee Ashford: Top 1% GoodReads Reviewer

The Mountain Place of Knowledge is a tense, driving action thriller. Marshall Chamberlain gives us a raging adventure into plausible reality.

  • A Place Of Knowledge Inside A Belizean Mountain
  • A Sentinel Guards The Entrance
  • A Scepter Instrument That Heals And Destroys
  • A Jeweled Ball Of Blue Death
  • A Race To Preserve Ancient Technology

The burial chamber of a revered Mayan sorceress is uncovered atop a sacrificial pyramid at the Caracol ruins in western Belize. Translation of ancient metallic scrolls and a 1100-year-old codex found in the chamber reveal the existence of a secret entrance to the inside of a mountain. The scrolls refer to the interior as Trinium, the Place of Knowledge, and explain its creation by an advanced civilization.

A flash of mysterious blue light brings death to a U.N. official, and investigators are sent to Belize to discover the source and locate the secret mountain entrance. What they discover inside is bizarre and unimaginable; mental prodding guides them to the Place of Seeing for the most shocking experience of their lives.

Leaks of the discoveries cause one nation to determine the mountain poses a threat to world order, and it will take great risks to neutralize the danger. Discover ancient technology--the modern-day "Jules Verne" effect.

Action, intrigue, and riveting adventure, The Mountain Place of Knowledge is page-turning excitement that runs like a raging river until the very last page.


"...techno thriller...keeping you turning
the pages feverishly.
-Hilary Hemingway, Cape Coral, FL
"Vivid word pictures enhance the...horrific situations,
allowing readers to live vicariously through the eyes
of a main character...Kick-start impressions infuse the
book with life, propelling the reader though its pages.
Lovers of Indiana Jones movies will enjoy the work
of this promising author."
-Foreword Magazine, Clarion Reviews                           


"Masterful blend of reality with cutting
edge science fiction...a spell-binding page turner."
-Lee Ashford, Top 1% GoodReads Reviewer
"...mingling of intrigue, fantasy, science fiction
and international politics...You will anxiously
await the sequel."
-Peter Thibadeau: Avid Indie Reader, Edgewood, WA
"...riveting...I couldn't put it down."
-John MacKenzie, Deep Cove, British Columbia, Canada
"It runs like a raging river."
-Jessica Kenfield,  Alpharetta, GA
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Marshall Chamberlain is a man focused on his passions, with no time for pets, lawns, plants, puttering around or companion compromises. He has a master's degree in Resource Development from Michigan State University and a graduate degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School near Phoenix, Ariz. He was an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and spent many years in investment banking, venture capital and even a stint as a professional waiter. He is obsessed with preparedness, survival and independence. This combination of traits and an unconditional openness to life have led him to all manner of personal adventures and the authoring of adventure-thrillers. His novels are widely available as trade paperbacks and in various ebook formats. Chamberlain's primary worldview is simple but profound--"I'm in awe of the magnificence of this world." To discover more about this above average man, visit his website: Or, contact him at:

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