The Missing Branch

Volume Five in A Bulwark Anthology

Trapped in a tedious job without fulfilment, ambitions, or a boyfriend, Izzie Murray’s only passion is researching her ancestry. But the beautiful mural of her family tree switches from a distraction to an obsession once she hits a mysterious gap in the timeline. Why would an entire family just disappear?
With an intense craving to find the last pieces of the puzzle, Izzie ditches her life in England to investigate the last known whereabouts of the family - the little town of Bulwark, Georgia. Between the unnatural behaviour of the local wildlife, tales of witches, and the overpowering draw of a puddle of weird goo, she’s only finding more questions to answer. The instant attraction to the one resident in town that seems to be on her side isn’t helping either.
Bulwark does not give up its secrets easily. And sometimes things are hidden for a reason.


The story is about a young lady called Izzie who is in search of her family history. Izzie travels far to Bulwark to seek this information - yet everything is not as it seems.
''The Missing Branch'' is part of a the Bulwark Antholgy series, yet this book can be read as a stand alone piece.

I especially like how you get to know Izzie and how she is devoted to finding her families history yet the author shows how Izzie is missing other areas of her life and how she may be linked to a mystical force. The author developed the main characters well, as I felt like I cared for their future and happiness. Towards the end of the book I was really gripped to know more of what happens to the main characters. I hope the author will make a second book.

I would highly recommend this book, especially to anyone who enjoys fantasy/romance genre.

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About Kay MacLeod

Confession time, I’m a fantasy addict! For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the concept of magical worlds. I was the kid with dragons doodled around the edge of her school work, the one with her head constantly buried in a book. As a teen, I shunned partying to play Magic the Gathering and DM Dungeons and Dragons games.

Through the years, I’ve always made up stories and took characters on amazing adventures, in the privacy of my own mind. Now I want to share them with other people.

I live with my husband and cat in Nottinghamshire in England. When I’m not writing (or planning something I’m writing) I’m usually working, reading, playing bass for my church’s worship team, playing computer games (World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Pokemon, Minecraft) or drinking tea.

Mmm, time to put the kettle on…


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