The Mage-Lord’s Legacy

Book Two in The Constellation Saga

“They need six Urns, Archer, and they have four. Only two stand between your world and mine."
Unsure whether to trust information from a Tenebri mage, the Constellations race to stop the invasion of their world. Every decision could result in fatal consequences. Do they gather the lost Urns, find the remaining members of their team, or split their focus and possibly lose everything?
As usual, no-one seems to agree and it’s up to Kitty to prevent her allies from falling apart. But with her own demons from the past, devastating betrayals, and the distraction of forbidden love, it might take more than she has to offer.

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About Kay MacLeod

Confession time, I’m a fantasy addict! For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the concept of magical worlds. I was the kid with dragons doodled around the edge of her school work, the one with her head constantly buried in a book. As a teen, I shunned partying to play Magic the Gathering and DM Dungeons and Dragons games.

Through the years, I’ve always made up stories and took characters on amazing adventures, in the privacy of my own mind. Now I want to share them with other people.

I live with my husband and cat in Nottinghamshire in England. When I’m not writing (or planning something I’m writing) I’m usually working, reading, playing bass for my church’s worship team, playing computer games (World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Pokemon, Minecraft) or drinking tea.

Mmm, time to put the kettle on…


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