The Kidnap Victim

The Travelers: Book Five

When the hard men come with their guns. . . and bundle you into the trunk of a car. . . who do you wish had your back?

The Traveling Man and a new partner have their eyes on a safe deposit box full of drug money when the new partner’s husband unexpectedly shows up, muddling up the score.

Meanwhile, the Traveling Man’s wife, who’s busy charming the daughter of her new boyfriend, is spotted by an old mark they previously swindled, a mark who’s looking for payback.

The Kidnap Victim is a gritty crime thriller with twist and turns galore. If you like fast-paced action, devious plot twists, and criminal mischief, you’ll love the fifth novel in the Travelers series.


“For this latest Travelers outing, King . . . once again offers a lean, dialogue-driven blast of shifting alliances and action. . .. With minimal exposition, the author keeps his characters’ temperaments and decisions in the forefront of the story. . .. As always, King leaves his creations in intriguing new positions by the end, ensuring anticipation for the next high-stakes volume.This Travelers tale delivers another exceptional slice of gamesmanship, slippery morals, and emotional fallout.”—Kirkus Reviews

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About Michael P. King

Michael P. King is the Kirkus Reviews critically acclaimed author of the Travelers noir crime thrillers, which feature a husband and wife team of con artists. “Sometimes people make decisions that have unintended consequences when they’re trying to take what they think is the easy way out or a shortcut to wealth or fame. I’m fascinated by this tendency, and it’s the jumping off place for my fiction.”

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