The Keeper’s Light Vol l Legend of the Keeper’s

The ability to choose is a powerful thing. With every choice made The Light of Wills grows more radiant, protecting the sanctity of choice. Elizabeth's parents had been The Keepers of that power. They were the protectors of individual will until a clandestine enemy discovered a way to corrupt it. Her parents bestowed The Light of Wills, a weight heavier than the world, into her newborn heart years ago. With a fight ahead, facing an already victorious foe, Elizabeth must learn of her heritage. Against unprecedented tempests, she must learn what it means to be a Keeper.

“You ignite my courage and burn a fire in my strength. You are the harmony for my soul.” -Elizabeth Lilith of Aoedome.

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Anjillica Navarro lives in Indiana with her husband their three children, their cat, and their dog. She believes in quiet time and enjoys long conversations with herself, or rather, her characters. She is currently working on Vol 2 of The Legend of the Keepers

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