The Irish Outlander

Discovering the Irish Meaning of Home

The Irish are renowned for travelling the world, but where is home while they're abroad? In mixing his own story with those of other emigrants, Scott De Buitléir finds out what 'home' means to a people, for whom emigration is part of the national psyche. From crisp sandwiches to the smell of the Atlantic Ocean, The Irish Outlander is a love song to Ireland from afar, and a reminder to those abroad that they've not been forgotten.

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About Scott De Buitléir

Born in London, England, and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Scott De Buitléir was first published when he was 18 years old. Since then, he has published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in both the Irish (Gaelic) and English languages, and has peformed at literary festivals across Ireland and Britain. His works cover a variety of themes, from gay romance to Irish emigration, and are mostly taken directly from his own life experiences. Today, he lives in Cork City in the southwest of Ireland with his partner, and regularly travels to San Francisco.

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