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The Hole Opportunity

Colin and Izzy Griggs’ traditional farming way of life is under threat from red tape from Brussels and Whitehall. Taking inspiration from a doughnut, Colin sets up a “Hole Farming Business”. His first job is to supply 18 holes for the newly refurbished golf course. Colin’s ineptness leads to a number of incidents surrounding the grand opening, creating an arch enemy of the Club’s Captain: Major Woods.

His business is given a much-needed boost by the arrival of Lady Wills into the Manor House. She requires holes for her ornate ponds but before awarding the contract needs a reference from Colin’s previous employer: Major Woods.

How will Colin manage to get the reference he needs to save his business? How exactly do you manage to farm holes? And who is really wearing the stockings in the Griggs household?

Set in the rural village of Henslow, The Hole Opportunity is a true English farce with miscommunication, double entendre, humorous plotlines and a host of memorable characters.


... hilarious from start to finish. The double entendres had me in stitches, the plots were clever and funny, & the characters were of the kind that you can easily picture in your head. Minter has captured British farming life to a tee and the whole book reminded of a few quintessentially British comedy shows from the 1970s. Well done, I have to take my hat off to him. He has come up with a masterpiece of ingenuity, a story that any British reader will identify with and that any other nationality will chuckle, if not laugh uproariously over while reading.

Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers' Favorite

I don't usually listen to audiobooks as I have little opportunity to do so but I thoroughly enjoyed the next couple of weeks of dog walks when I took 'The Hole Opportunity' with me.

It is a very British farce based on the genius idea of a farmer, Colin Griggs and his wife Izzy, wanting to diversify and subsequently coming up with the 'hole' business. It is far-fetched, obviously, this is a work of farce after all but it is carried off throughout with great ease and enthusiasm. Georgia Rose

... this is not usually my kind of book (but) I fancied giving it a go. Why? ... the blurb reminded me a little bit of the old James Heriot books that I used to love so much with its take on British rural life. took me a little while to get into - it does feel a little far fetched at the beginning, once I stopped wondering where the plot was going to go and just enjoyed the story, I absolutely loved it. It made me laugh out loud on several occasions and loved the eccentricities of the many characters - so very British and very funny. Will definitely be downloading the sequel.  B Tolliday

The story is unconventionally crafted introducing unlikely scenarios, consequences & events combined with some extremely amusing tongue-in-cheek moments. Minter introduces every character in an inventive & timely progressive manner, developing the storyline & each character with a finesse & wittiness throughout, that will make you not want to leave the book down. Every act and opportunity brings the reader deeper into the lives and unfortunate happenings of the residents of Henslow. You literally have the sense of being an observer in this hilariously captivating storyline.  J.J Collins

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About James Minter

James is a full time fiction author, writing for the last five years. Prior he spent 35 years in the IT industry and wrote on a wide range of IT subjects including many hundreds of training manuals.He turned his attention to fiction during the summer of 2009. Armed with an A4 pad and ballpoint pen he unleashed a stream of consciousness--some 40,000 words before he drew a breath. The writing experience with such unbridled passion was new to him: a far cry from technical authoring. The excitement of not knowing where it was going but having an evolving story with a host of characters spurred him on. The Hole Opportunity was the product of his imagination and the first in a series of titles to be completed. The Unexpected Consequences of Iron Overload followed a year later. This book, a spoof thriller, was written to raise awareness of a genetic medical condition Haemochromatosis and to raise funds for the Haemochromatosis Society. Book two of the Hole Trilogy--A Tunnel is Only a Hole on its Side, was released in December 2013Born 1952 in Oxfordshire, UK, James draws on his local knowledge to provide inspiration and settings for his characters, locations for his plots, and the mid-twentieth century for his historic anchors.He is currently writing book three of the Hole Trilogy--Marmite Makes a Sandwich, Dynamite Makes a Hole, whilst continuing to raise funds/awareness for Haemochromatosis, as well as sharing his experiences of self-publishing and self-promotion with other indie authors.Website: E-Mail: james@jamesminter.comAmazon: Twitter: @james_minterFacebook:

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