The Haunting of Willow Tree Court

A modern-day, dark, adult fairy tale… a suspenseful ghost story like you’ve never read before!…

Three years ago a near fatal car crash left Sally Archer crippled and childless. Now, with her life in tatters and her freedoms taken away, she is moved to a new home by her husband, to a house on Willow Tree Court. But, Willow Tree Court is no ordinary place, and her house has a long and unusual history. As if by magic, the extraordinary begins to unravel itself in a pattern as old as time, and both the beautiful and the macabre take hold, refusing to let go. Sally soon learns that places are haunted as much by the living as they are by the dead.

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About Jennifer Adele

Jennifer Adele is an independent author and nature gal, whose sense of adventure is only matched by her predilection for the magical and macabre. Her love of the written word in its various forms and her fascination with the symbolism inherent in all languages provides an ancient, deep, and eclectic background to her works. She is also an active lecturer and educator for many local groups and public education venues. Her written works on broad-based educational topics, plants, animals, symbolism, and a wide range of nature-based subjects, as well as her creative writings and fiction, have been frequently featured in national and international publications.

On a more personal note, Jennifer is mom to three dogs and three cats and greatly enjoys nature hikes, dog walking and training, kitty cat playtime, photography, cooking, wild crafting, and travel.

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