The Gentleman from Virginia

Revolution The Road to Independence

General Washington fully engaged eluding the British Generals Howe and Cornwallis, struggles to grasp their military strategy. Little known to him, is something that happened out on the Atlantic, an event which could ignite fervor and change the incoming devastating tides of war.

What will Washington do? Follow his instincts, or succumb to the traps laid by his adversaries? Will he listen to his trusted frontier scouts, or his Generals, who lay in wait to depose him? With military failures and the looming fight for Philadelphia comes hope. Not from the victory in the North by Major Generals Gates and Arnold, but from a young man, Joshua-who has defied an Empire.

Joshua’s actions have dire consequences. Now defiant, he questions his actions and loyalty. General Howe zeros in on Philadelphia meaning to crush the American rebellion. Unknown to Washington is the underlying plot to destroy the Congress, or the repercussions of a Phantom ship, whose deeds on the Atlantic have become legend. Follow Washington and his most trusted, as they desperately fight to keep the Glorious Cause alive- in the American Revolution.


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Not a fan of historical fiction, but this book actually was interesting.
Pros: Main and secondary plots weave in and out of actual historical occurrences quite cleanly. Characters actually sound and act like people in the 1770s, not modern people in period costumes. Characters are also not as one dimensional as expected from any sort of historical novel, there is some depth to everyone. Care is taken to remove the shine placed on this piece of history by most schools, it was an unpleasant and divisive thing, almost an English civil war, and it shows. Capper is the actual letters from Washington included in the book. Used to add a very authentic feel to the man and his times, without being overbearing or kludgy. Actual pieces of history!
Cons: English words and speaking patterns from 200+ years ago can be difficult for the modern reader to adjust to, it took me several chapters to no longer notice the archaic phrasing.
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About Robert Joseph Napoli

A Indie author since 2012, this is the sixth book published by the author.  Other books include Betrayal of a Nation, The Real History of America and three novels in the Saga: Revolution The Road to Independence. In this new stand alone novel the realities of a rebellion and war are on the footsteps of Philadelphia.

Robert is an avid fisherman and when not writing, spends time with his family. He is currently working on Part Two of the Philadelphia campaign: Killing Washington, which will be the fifth novel in the series.

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