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The Freeport Robbery

The Travelers: Book Four

Treachery. Conspiracy. Murder.

The Travelers, using the names Ron and Nicole Carter, break into a freeport vault to recover a stolen jewelry casket for return to a museum. Easy money. But after they’re ambushed during the break-in, they have to recover the casket if they’re going to stay out of prison. And now a vicious gang is hot on their trail . . .

The Freeport Robbery is a noir crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you like nonstop action, exciting plot twists, and criminal machinations, you’ll love the fourth installment of Michael P. King’s Travelers series.


“King’s (The Blackmail Photos, 2016, etc.) fourth outing with the Travelers, a husband-and-wife con artist team, sees them chasing stolen artwork. . . . In this latest go-round . . . readers should already be accustomed to author King’s casual excellence, particularly when it comes to character development. . . . King delivers a solidly written, self-contained thriller that also sets the stage for his cons’ return. Another exceptional account of heart-of-gold con artistry.”—Kirkus Reviews

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About Michael P. King

Michael P. King is the Kirkus Reviews critically acclaimed author of the Travelers noir crime thrillers, which feature a husband and wife team of con artists. “Sometimes people make decisions that have unintended consequences when they’re trying to take what they think is the easy way out or a shortcut to wealth or fame. I’m fascinated by this tendency, and it’s the jumping off place for my fiction.”

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