The Flower Comes Before the fruit

This is a book that was written in a very dark and troubling of my life in which I was ready to just throw my hands up and quit the church.  However, the contents of this book was laid on my heart when a man of God came and ministered to our church.

If you know someone that has been brought low by the trials of life, then this book is one that can reach to where they are and bring them through their dark times.  Biblical scriptures are referenced in an effort to explain why we suffer the things that we do.

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About Aaron Dupree Beck

Aaron Dupree Beck is a new author that holds a Masters degree with emphasis in Information Science.  This has instilled a passion to research various interest, the greatest of which is the Bible.  He currently calls Louisiana home but is originally from Florida.  This is the third book written on Bible issues.  The first two books include For the Gospel's Sake and Who's Watching the Master's Sheep, both of which can be found on Amazon also.  He is currently working on the fourth book on Bible issues which should be available by November of 2015.

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