The Fall of Hate

Book 3 of A Throne of Souls
The Fall of Hate (Book 3 of A Throne of Souls) Cover

We, the seeds of Humanity, are all the descendants of hardened criminals, fighting to survive the unmaking of A Throne of Souls.

Magic and technology have already met on a world far more advanced than our own only to dispense their most dangerous and hardened criminals, for magic has been outlawed. Their descendants—us, here on Earth, along with the rest of Humanity—are now left to grapple with a Creation undone at the hands of an outlaw mage whose Master Plan affects the seeds of Humanity throughout the known Universe. This outlaw—this Dark Knight of Magic—must accumulate immeasurable power to thwart the fork of consequences that brought forth the making of A Throne of Souls. This story, this execution of his Master Plan originating centuries into the past, begins and ends with a triad of pivotal relationships and evolves through his understanding of his own soul. Within the Master Plan, the dichotomy between hate and hope, across a landscape far beyond epic, is illustrated through vibrant characters developed over two-and-a-half decades.

This third installment of “A Throne of Souls,” “The Fall of Hate,” vividly illustrates love, lust, anguish, abandonment, enlightenment, adoration, development, deceit, guile, exquisite patience, and prophecy turned on its head. Hard science, mythology, religion, paganism, and the art of magic collide in this daunting clash for Humanity. All the deepest and darkest threads of “A Throne of Souls” come together in this third book to show you—for the very first time—the breadth and depth of the mosaic landscape that is this story of stories—this engagingly unique tale of Creation. And, as done throughout “A Throne of Souls,” the dichotomy between Hate and Hope is explored in lifelike ways where good and evil are not simple constructs or boundaries for characters—both beloved and hated—who leap off the page to guide you to places your heart will want to go but your mind will fear to tread. Profound questions will be postulated to you, the reader. Questions that may trouble your belief system and all things you thought you knew with certainty. But, the things we know for certain to be true are often the things most dangerously impeding our ability to see what is truly in front of us. Dare to ask these questions and continue reading this thought-provoking series certain to boldly defy norms and status quo.


From (female reviewer perspective)...

The third book in an epic style series, The Fall of Hate by Charles McDonald did not disappoint! Complex and controversial, this particular book explores the personal history of the main character, Damon. Having set himself up as a deity, Damon has made allies, enemies, friends, and followers. Traveling through time and space, he breaks all the known "rules" in his quest for justice. However, the more Damon explores the concepts of evil, hate, and justice, the more complex his world becomes. His past spans an untold length of time. When he thinks on the evil that he has committed, he believes himself ultimately damned. What are the responsibilities for someone like Damon, who has nearly absolute power? Can he right the wrongs that were done to him or the wrongs that were done by him?

I would not suggest anyone read The Fall of Hate without having read the first two books. This is not a stand alone novel. However, having said that, if you are up for a mind-bending challenge, I highly recommend this series as a whole. If you are up for an emotional roller coaster, I definitely recommend this series. After reading the first two books, I thought I knew exactly what to expect and that nothing much could surprise me. I was wrong! This third book introduces the past behind Damon's past! Plans that have been set in motion since before the dawn of memory. Who exactly IS pulling the strings? Why Damon? Why the destruction of all mankind? Can Damon successfully create an alternate future? What does that involve?

With so much destruction, surely the ultimate cause is driven by hate. Can anyone or anything actually bring down the webs of deceit behind the violence that is rocking mankind on multiple planets? I cannot tell you the answer without divulging a plot spoiler that totally rocked my emotions. From a complete devastating low, to a high so personal and thrilling, I could not have guessed that particular turn in the plot. I cannot rightly designate it a plot twist, for in hindsight, it was a natural and necessary event. However, Damon's plots and schemes had not accounted for this miracle. As a result, he is made to reconsider, recalculate, and modify his master plan.

In my review of the first book, I noted that there were adult scenes that would hinder me from recommending the series to certain audiences. I am pleased to note that in this third book, the author has modified his descriptions to be much more "G-rated." While the author does include adult scenes, he describes them in a modest format that allows readers to do their own imagining, if desired.

The main characters continue to develop and unfold masterfully. Several characters come to crisis moments in which they must make crucial decisions. The reader is allowed to peek inside the minds of several key characters and see exactly what drives them. The one issue I had with the characters is that there are so many! Immortals of various stripes and humans all interacting according to their various personalities and characters! The author has an astounding grasp on humanity and various motives. I did get a bit confused at times as to some of the characters and how they fit into the past or present of the story. I was wishing for a listing of all the characters along with their histories and importance. When I got to the end, voila, there it was! It was as though the author read my mind. This would be easier to manage in a hard copy of the book, however. An e-copy isn't as flexible to flip back and forth when you need a refresher on someone.

All in all, I feel this book deserves a solid 4 out of 4 stars. I did not find editing errors, grammatical issues, or spelling problems. The author has woven an incredible tale that exceeds all my expectations. He deals with evil, hate, love, lust, power, and much more. The pace is just right for the storyline. If you are interested in a complex fantastical science fiction epic that goes farther than Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, I suggest you check out this series.

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Charles W. McDonald Jr. was born in Oklahoma City and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Management Information Systems and a Minor in Economics. He also has a background in Aerospace Engineering and High Availability Systems Engineering with an emphasis on Technical and Solutions Architecture. Honorably discharged from the United States Air Force Reserves, he also has a background in the armed forces. He's currently a Sr. Cloud Architect on AWS, Azure, and GCP, and lives with his wife, Brandy L. McDonald, in Roanoke, TX.

In the summer of 1995, Charles read every available book in the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan in a couple of weeks, and later that same July awoke in the middle of the night from an incredibly immersive dream. Charles began writing, by hand, everything he could remember from that dream, which became the outline for "A Throne of Souls." Very shortly afterward, Charles wrote Robert Jordan directly, looking for advice and inspiration for his own work, and Robert Jordan personally responded in a three-page letter, encouraging Charles to tell his story in his way, in his voice, and in his time. While radically different from the "Wheel of Time" series and other modern fiction, the completion of "A Throne of Souls" is a deeply personal mission for Charles to thank the living spirit of Robert Jordan. "A Throne of Souls" is an obsession for Charles to deliver something entirely unique for the intellectual truth-seeker in us all.

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