The Emancipation of Astronomy for the Common Man

"The Emancipation of Astronomy for the Common Man" explains away dark matter (including its WIMPs), dark energy, the "Big Bang" (including M-theory), gravity waves, parallel or micro-dimensions, parallel or multiple universes, "neutron" stars and "pulsars" (as they are currently characterized) in layman's terms for anyone to understand easily with completely new convergent theories that make a great deal more sense than what is out there now on any of these subjects.
It presents a complete, new paradigm of cosmology, the details of which I have not found talked or written about anywhere else (and is supported by the data sets). - For one example, it shows a progression of increasing angular momentum of rotation from a progenitor star all the way to a black hole without getting all complicated (non-rotating black holes do not exist). - It also explains exactly what a "neutron" star really is and what makes a "pulsar" (and a "magnetar") different. - Also for the first time a black hole (singularity) is accurately and surprisingly characterized in a completely new way as well. - E=mc2 will be seen in an entirely new light with this book. - And gravity is shown to be correctly understood for the first time as well with a completely new definition of "quantum gravity" as manifested by black holes. - (I hope Hawking gets wind of this publication because, in a documentary, he asked for someone to explain gravity to him.)
This is exciting stuff! - During the last seven years I have explained these things to nearly 250 people in person (blowing minds all along the way) most of whom very much encouraged me to get it written.
This book will change cosmology completely once its contents are discovered by that community, but it is addressed to the common man because it is that easy to understand without calculus. - My book has broken new ground in cosmology and has become a new "Principia."
I hope you will enjoy reading it and understanding cosmology far better than today's cosmologists, astronomers and astrophysicists. - This book has become a real celebration of finally understanding cosmology for the first time in my life after more than 50 years of study and is now presented for everyone else to share and understand, too!

"The Emancipation of Astronomy for the Common Man" can be purchased on my website with PayPal or any credit card with free shipping in the united States: - Thanks.

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