The Door and other extraordinary stories

D.P. David’s "doors" represent crossing points from one land to the other, from one dimension to the other, from one universe to the other. Explicitly, I should say it like this: after he acquired a very good understanding of the oeuvre of Mircea Eliade and Ioan Petru Culianu, D.P. David (also a PhD in Literature and Cultural Studies) experiments with high stylistic and narrative structure confidence, literary formulas for crossing from a scholarly register to fiction, from magic to real. And the other way around. As his stories are not at all, as it might seem, some one-way mirrors. If she or he is able to identify the “critical points” of the author’s ‘doors’, the reader may “sway” between the imaginary limits of possible worlds, in an Aristotelian understanding of the term. Meaning that, s/he may experience an intellectual “adventure” whose refinement and precision of the immediate unforeseeableness demonstrate the talent of an outstanding prose writer.

Vasile Gogea

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