The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey

Timmy and his best friend the Fart are back again!

If you and your child love to read together, then you are going to love reading along with Timmy and his Fart as they play hockey together!

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey is a beautifully illustrated journey of Timmy and his best friend the Little Fart as they attend Timmy’s first hockey tryouts. Chaos and laughter ensue as the Fart attempts to help out his best friend the only way he knows how.

If you enjoy reading funny books with beautiful illustrations and love having your child read along with you, then make sure you grab The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey.

Discover and giggle along with Timmy and his best friend on their exciting day at the hockey arena!


Five Stars by Reader's Favorite!

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey by Sam Lawrence and Ben Jackson is the hilarious story of Timmy, who wants to be part of the hockey team, but thinks he is not that good at playing the game. Little Fart encourages and supports him. With all the morale boosting he has received from Fart and his mom, Timmy goes to try out for the hockey team. Timmy does not want Fart to follow him as he will be known as the stinky kid and asks him not to come. But Fart wants to support his friend and follows him. When Timmy gets there and goes onto the ice, he sees Fart has followed him. How does Fart help Timmy and will he be able to help Timmy make it onto the team?

The story, apart from being funny, also conveys the messages of friendship, teamwork, and relationships. The illustrations are bright and colorful, giving the story good pace and movement, and breathing life into the characters. It's a good bedtime storybook for parents and grandparents to read out to kids. The book can also be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. Children understand concepts, ideas, and messages more easily when these are conveyed through stories and pictures. Timmy and Fart will capture the hearts of young readers with their display of teamwork and friendship.

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite 5 Stars!

on January 27, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Timmy is a little boy that likes to play hockey. It is his first day playing and he needs to make a good impression so that coach Kip picks him for the team.

Timmy’s best friend is little Fart. This little green illustrated figure stinks everywhere he goes. He wishes to follow Timmy to support him. Timmy does not wish to be embarrassed by little Fart, so he asks him to stay away.

Fart still shows up at Timmy’s game and as he observes Tim struggling, he blows this massive fart causing everyone to stop playing and laughing as they blame each other.

I found this book to be incredibly funny. My favorite part was where Timmy says: “ There is nothing like having your fart following you around, stinking up the place.”

I believe children learn easier with funny topics and for this book, although its title and story may be funny, it also demonstrates the need to support children. Especially in the times where they feel nervous, out of place and in need of a distraction. This allows them to come out of their zone of fear because at the end of the day they too have feelings and need love and support.

Written by Jeyran Main

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