The Darkness

A Bulwark Anthology

Bulwark- a wall or stockade that protects or sometimes hides the truth from the outside world.

Bulwark, a quiet town... or is it? Four best friends, Sophia, Scott, Chloe and Chris, are just trying to manage their senior year at Bulwark high school when Sophia realizes that her feelings for Chris are really meant for Scott. Before she can deal with that though, the four friends then stumble upon Bulwarks darkest secrets when a spell is cast on Bulwark High. Students have been disappearing and no one has any clues as to their whereabouts. With a town curfew set and parents on edge, the four friends decide to take things into their own hands. Will they break the spell, or will Bulwark High and the town be changed forever?

Based on Bulwark, a paranormal thriller by Brit Lunden, The Darkness is the eighth volume in the multi-author Bulwark Anthology.


"Kudos to debut author Leigh for a really suspenseful mystery that kept everybody stumped...until... Well, let's just say, it was spooky, scary, and lots of fun--being the reader that is!" - GABixlerReviews


"Incorporating the language of contemporary teenagers, with all the idioms that flavor those growing years incites, makes this not only a novel for young adults but also a fine memorandum for stirring memories for those readers years away from that timeframe. It all works very well in the hands of this nascent newcomer – she WILL succeed!"- Grady Harp, March 19

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About Brittney Leigh

Brittney Leigh is gracing the Bulwark anthology as a debut author. She is a proud graduate of SUNY Old Westbury College, with a bachelors degree in Media & Communications. Gifted in singing, acting, and dancing, she finds her voice reaches its highest ground in writing. She resided in Long Island where the darkness of New York City comes to sleep.

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