Jacob Bell (Giam Bellini), Queen Elizabeth’s Glassmaker, joins Admiral John Hawkins in a battle against Catholic plotters led by Count Ridolfi. Drawing on all their resources of boldness, courage and cunning, they carry through an audacious plan to free Hawkins’s men at risk from the dreaded Spanish Inquisition and strive to discover the extent of the plot. With the outcome in doubt, Jacob and his powerful new ship The Crystal, are sent on a secret mission to Venice. At stake is the growing friendship between Venice and England, his future life in England, marriage with Maria and a life with his son. With his un-tried ship, he is drawn into an encounter with the all conquering Ottoman galley fleet, which threatens all of their lives, as well as the continuing existence of Venice itself. Through intrigue, gun-smoke and bloody warfare, Jacob thwarts the plotters and emerges battered, but triumphant, into a new life with his love Maria.

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