The Cornish Knot

Can one woman's secrets change the life of another a century later?

Megan is at her lowest ebb on the anniversary of her husband’s death when a mysterious parcel arrived. Intrigued by the journal written over a hundred years earlier by an unknown hand, she travels to Cornwall in search of its history. Shocked by what she learns, Megan continues her journey to Paris and then Florence in search of her family history. She becomes entangled with the world of art and exposes secrets that change her life. Along the way, she finds new family, forges new friendships but will she ever find love again?


I love time shift stories with a mystery at their heart and this one is up there with the best. Megan's story is absorbing and her challenging relationship with her daughter Sarah is honest and convincing. The mysterious package from Cornwall and the story that unfolds had me eagerly turning the pages. The alternating Cornwall, Italy and New Zealand settings were well described and real. I liked the way Vicky portrays the good and bad in the personalities of her characters - it makes them interesting and well rounded. All and all a great read.

-Trish McCormack.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Megan’s adventures. I found a lot to identify with in her life – her grief at the unexpected loss of her husband, her growth through her journeys, her growing confidence in her ability to make a difference, and the clashes she has with her daughter – the misunderstandings that sometimes can and sometimes cannot be resolved. The author has an engaging writing style that is fast paced and kept me enthralled from beginning to end. The story line is unpredictable yet authentic. I could believe her characters, the settings, the way the story evolved. A book I'd recommend for book clubs and I'm pleased to see my local library has added it to their collection.

-Stephanie Hammond

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About Vicky Adin

Vicky Adin is a New Zealand historical fiction author. She lives on the North Shore of Auckland within walking distance of the beach, the coffee shops and inspiration.

Three words sum up her passion in life: family, history and language.

After decades of genealogical research and a life-long love affair with words she has combined her skills to write poignant novels that weave family and history together, based on real people, with real experiences, in a way that makes the past come alive.

Vicky is particularly fascinated by the 19th Century pioneers who undertook hazardous journeys to find a better life. Especially the women, who needed strength of mind and body to survive, let alone flourish, in a new country still coming to terms with its existence. Being a genealogist in love with history, these men and women and their descendants drive her stories.

Vicky Adin holds a MA(Hons) in English and Education. When not writing you will find her reading; travelling (especially caravanning and cruising) with her husband and biggest fan; spending time with her family, walking or gardening

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