The Captain

Blood Rage
The Captain Of The Second Guard Series

Murder, jealousy, love, and hate has placed the Captain of The Second Guard's  lover, Christopher Wellington in extreme danger after his first lover was murdered before his eyes by an insane killer but it being someone well known to him. Still harboring hate towards the Captain's lover the murderer might thirst to continue his killing spree and annihilate Christopher as well. Captain James Vallardee,  must do everything he knows about how to protect someone to ensure their safety and life. The Captain must use every tactic known to him to save his lover from death.

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About Ariel Rosetti

Ariel Rosetti was born in New York. She currently lives between New York and Scotland, U.K.
She attended college in Westchester, County in New York
and Edinburgh, Scotland in the United Kingdom.
She began writing novels many years ago. Now with free time
on her hands, Ariel can spend more hours writing novels and Novellas.

Ariel is a writer of erotic stories and also loves to fashion erotic Fairytales. Ariel is fascinated with Medieval history and Magical lore, and Medieval Tapestries.

Ariel is the author of:

"The Kiss The Lovers" Published 9/2012

“Allyce in Wunderland” series:

“Allyce in Wunderland Book” 1 Published 9/2012

“The Sentinel and Allyce Book 2 "Home “ Published 10/2012

'The Lovers" Published 10/16/2013

"Allyce and the Duke de La Massapinot Published 9/20/2012
"No Mercy" Book 3

"The Sorcerer" Published 8/20/2015

"Fiery Red Faeire Dust" Published 9/29/2015

'The Duchess and the Siege' Published 7/14/2015

“The Captain of The Second Guard” Book One  Published  8/21/2017

"The Captain Book 2a 'Blood Rage" pending publication 8/2017

"To Die and Live Again" Coming out in 2017

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