The Beauty Thief

Stepping into a world of fairy tale and lore may seem safe, but hidden beneath every idyllic world lies grim truth against which no one is secure.

In the Twelve Realms there lives a covetous man. He lurks in the shadows, intent upon stealing the essence of what sustains life: true beauty. And Princess Caityn’s beauty runs deep.

While Caityn prepares to marry her betrothed the thief schemes, hidden in the shadows, never far away from the prize of her youth and depths of eternal beauty.

But the thief’s covetous thirst for life-giving beauty is a legend long forgotten, and no one knows the true devastation his depravity will bestow. Caityn and Theiandar’s love will be tested and their lives put on the line by the quest to uncover the mystery of the curse. If the uncompromising devotion of one man is not enough, Caityn’s soul will be lost forever.

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About Rachael Ritchey

Rachael Ritchey has always loved to tell stories. As a mom to four, she spends countless hours recounting true stories and fictional tales. Her favorite genres are classic lit, fantasy, and historical fiction. She's got a soft spot for science-fiction and adventure, too. Her passion for a good story doesn’t end there. She wants to write things her kids can be excited to tell their friends about and to create books she’s proud to share with anyone. While her writing couldn't be considered Christian, it is influenced by her faith; most things in life are influenced by our beliefs, or so Rachael believes. Honestly, she just wants to tell a good story, and like writing, she is a constant work-in-progress. Rachael lives in Eastern Washington with her husband, children, and their super cute pooch, Hashtag.

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