The Alodia Scrapbook

Creating a New Paradigm

By taking on a bold program of economic reform, a (fictional) West African nation manages to steer itself into a health future. The reform was led by a visionary military leader who, once he had led his nation's sea-change, retired to play jazz piano.

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About Lindrith Davies

Lindrith Davies has always aspired to write fiction, but many projects and concerns have intervened over the years. He is an economic-reform educator, Program Director of the Henry George Institute, editor since 1997 of the Georgist Journal, and author of the Institute’s acclaimed series of courses in political economy. He wrote The Alodia Scrapbook, published in 2010 by the Henry George Institute, and edited/designed The Mason Gaffney Reader. The Sassafras Crossing, which he wrote, edited and designed, has been a labor of love. He lives in Central Maine with his wife and two children.

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