Ten Thousand Tongues

the companion cookbook

Ten Thousand Tongues: the companion cookbook

Comfort foods have the power to seep straight into our innermost core: the strength emanating from a hearty breakfast on a cold winter morning, the beverage that fosters a long-lasting friendship, the reverence and reassurance that wafts from a religious offering, the giddy excitement in a wedding feast, a soup that is a salve for incurable homesickness or that imperfect dessert that only reinforces our belief in a sense of eternal happiness. Unassuming, ordinary, simple and familiar— comfort foods offer the recipes for solace, strength, and nourishment, facilitating an escape into the soft creases of contentment.

Comfort food, for life.

A companion cookbook to the novel “Ten Thousand Tongues: secrets of a layered kitchen”, here you will find many regional and iconic Indian dishes from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Included are dishes are from the Hindu, and Bene Israel Jewish traditions, as well as streeteats from Mumbai and those adapted to a suburban American kitchen. They are the intersection of time and place, have survived adversity, and adapted. In doing so, they sustain the power to soothe ones’ spirits, energize the mind, body, and soul. These kitchens have transformed into Zen-like spaces where ones’ senses are centered, validated and nurtured.

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Nandita Godbole is a food-writer & author based in Atlanta, Georgia. A native of India, she engages a global audience of food enthusiasts who enjoy simple, holistic and easy Indian meals. Her books reflect the middle ground between her own culinary roots & an appreciation of the various sub-cuisines of India. When not cooking, writing, or speaking, she is likely in her overlooked garden.

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