Tangled Shapes

A coloring book

A 90 page coloring book with 21 different shapes to color.  Between each page is a "bleed page" for those who choose to color with markers or gel pens that might 'bleed' through to the next page.  Rectangles to Decagons, a heart, starburst, lightning bolt and more. All designs are hand drawn by Ruth Dellinger with a theme of 'tangling' or 'doodling'.   The book is suitable for ages 10 thru adult.


What an awesome, fun coloring book. These "tangled shapes" are beautifully executed--truly creative imagery. I bought 8 as gifts for adult friends--coupled with a package of colored pencils, they will have hours of fun. Kudos to Ruth Dellinger!

We purchased two copies directly from the author. They're delightfully complex designs which have kept me busy with my Koh-I-Noor Progressive pencils. It's both soothing and challenging to choose the colors for the designs and I find that time disappears when I begin to color.

I saw this book being created and it is gorgeous. Anybody who enjoys grown-up coloring needs to have this one!

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About Ruth E Dellinger

From macrame in the late 70's to stained glass in the 80's, building bird houses (large and small) in the 90's and other paper crafts, Ruth Dellinger has been an artist all her life. Drawing has become her latest passion. Drawing helps quiet her mind like coloring might for others. Exploring the arts is a large part of her life and who she is.

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