Tangled Hearts

A coloring book

I’m excited about my new book “Tangled Hearts” because I have such an affair for the HEART itself... If you are reading this, you have one that is beating right now, and what a total miracle the HEART is!! Celebrate your HEART by getting out all the colors and just have fun coloring these 22 hand drawn HEARTS any color you want... The colors red or pink usually come to mind - but it’s a coloring book and there are no rules about what color you choose to use. Enjoy your coloring experience and relax while you are imagining your heart full of colorful L O V E. Have fun coloring and if you care to share, please email me your finished "Tangled Hearts" colored masterpiece. I will upload it to my website or feature it on Instagram or my Facebook page at Redtangle65.

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What a great coloring book from Ruth! And, who doesn't like hearts? The entire book is dedicated to hearts with a variety of tangles to keep you inspired while you color. There is also a cute page inbetween the hearts to keep your colors from bleeding through. This is Ruth's 4th coloring book, check them all out, you won't be disappointed!


This is another great coloring book from Ruth Dellinger! I really liked having a page between the coloring designs so that if I'm using my markers it doesn't bleed through to the next page. Great idea - one I hadn't seen before. So spread the ' and buy this coloring book - it would be a great stocking stuffer!
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About Ruth E Dellinger

Ruth Dellinger was born in 1950 in the state of New Jersey to Mary F Lavas (and Albert DeStafano, whom she never met). At four months of age she was adopted by a couple, John & Elizabeth Anthony, who had one other adopted child and raised both children as their own. In 1956 the family moved from the East coast to Eugene, Oregon. She attended elementary through high school in Eugene, Oregon, graduating in 1969. Working for 25 years at a utility in various roles, she grew from clerical positions to Benefits and Payroll Administrator. After working at the utility she went on to become Human Resources Manager at Georgia Pacific Corp., in Eugene. Happily retiring in 2005 she was able to explore her artistic passions full time. The coloring book Tangled Shapes was her first published work. A second coloring book has also been published, "Tangled States" which is a compilation of drawings of each of the 50 states that make up the US. In April, 2016, she published her third book "Totally Puzzled" which highlights 21 differently shaped, hand drawn jig saw puzzle pieces to color. November 1, published the fourth coloring book, "Tangled Hearts".

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