Èṣù is without a doubt, the most fascinating, astute and unpredictable of all Yorùbá Orishas. Central to Yorùbá Orisha religion, Èṣù is known as a divine messenger who is a mediator between man, the Orishas and the Supreme God Olódùmarè-Òlóòrun. He is also known as an instigator of intrigues and trickster Orisha. In this collection of tales, Èṣù takes center stage, as the main protagonist, where the reader will experience two sides of this enigmatic Orisha: the good and the bad, which are presented in a spirited form. Tales of Èṣù Yorùbá Divine Messenger and trickster Orisha are stories based on the African Yorùbá oral tradition of storytelling, which portrays the escapades and folly of this divine Orisha, utilizing a modern touch and simple language. Èṣù, as the first Orisha, is well-worshipped and extremely respected in Yorùbáland because he is literally present in everything; in nature, in objects and in the physical human body. For this reason, Èṣù is present in the majority of stories related to an infinite number of topics, as well as his relationship with the other Orishas in the Yorùbá pantheon. In this collection, Alex Cuoco presents 80 fascinating Èṣù tales that are retold with great skill and rhythm, in which Èṣù appears at his best, in various forms: as a trickster, messenger, instigator, officer and enforcer of the laws of Òrun (Heaven), as well as moderator, master-punisher, advisor, mediator, helper and administrator. The variety of themes of these tales affords the reader an acquaintance with the good and mischievous aspects of Èṣù. The reader will also experience Èṣù's sexual appetite and unusual sense of humor, which when combined, become a prominent aspect of Èṣù's explosive and surprising personality. In this manner, Tales of Èṣù offers the reader the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of Èṣù's character and his divine Àṣẹ (Power).


I love this book because it has traditional sacred stories of Orisha Esu. Theses stories are not for children but for adults only. The stories reveal  several sides of Orisha Esu, including: sexual, adult themes, revenge, retribution, punishment, rituals, trickery and divine law enforcement. But, worry not, this work has been compiled by author Alex Cuoco with great taste and style. This collection of 80 tales, divided in four chapters, are simply great life lessons by the great Yoruba divinity, Esu. If you are into Orisha tales, or any type of folk mythology, then this book should be in your collection. The Author has stepped out of his usual, information packed, academic writing style, (African Narratives of Orishas, Spirits and Other Deities 2014) to provide humorous, entertaining and enlightening stories about Esu, the first Orisha and Divine Messenger. This Book also contains a special introduction to the mystical character of Esu in Yorubaland and an educational Yoruba glossary.

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