Tales of Avenzyre

Short stories of ghosts, magic, adventure, and love. Some fan favorites as well as some never seen before, all take place in the magnificent land of Avenzyre. A courtesan with a mysterious past risks it all. The story of a handmaiden whose life is forever changed on a fateful journey. A young woman with a special deformity. The story of how a legend came to be. A man whose horse can’t keep him out of trouble, and more!

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About G B MacRae

GB has been living in Avenzyre for better than twenty-five years, following the silver-dappled unicorn wherever he’ll take her. Not only does she work on her fantasy series, Book of Avenzyre, but she also has numerous short stories, a young teen horsey book, and a coloring book.

When she’s not writing or researching she also costumes (mostly historically inspired), creates artwork, entertains in her home, and sometimes you can catch her dancing. She grew up in a small town in New England with her horses and her books, and she now lives in a snowdrift with her family and fur babies not far from Lake Ontario.

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