Sweet Melissa

Behind Bars


Roses are red, Violets are blue.
If you shoot too much HEROIN,
You'll soon be blue too...

Please God, don't let me DIE in prison. My limp, blue body had just been dragged across the cold linoleum floored hallway, from another inmate's cell over to my own. I had been out of bounds, being INJECTED with some of the heroin I had just received that day.

The last thing I had remembered, was sitting on the TOILET in Lisa's cell. She was having trouble finding a vein, so she went to my neck. I was now laying on the floor in my CELL, with Santos pounding on my chest. In all right's, I should be DEAD.

I had recently gotten out of the hole, after doing a nine month SHU term for bringing Heroin into the prison. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson by then. I was sentenced to a couple more years, yet I was still the same hard-headed junkie I was, when I first set foot in that cold, dark CAGED world.

The Sweet Melissa memoir series continues with Book Three. This is an inspirational read geared toward the young adult audience, or anyone suffering from substance abuse or addiction. The series will also help educate family members, and friends of a addict, that addiction is a disease. People in their right mind do not do these type of things.

The series will take you down the dark road of heroin addiction and the lifestyle acquired by the author in order to support such a habit. Her addiction has turned her into someone she had only read about. As her self esteem diminishes, life does not seem worth living. The author's story will have you wondering if there is any hope at all for her. As the series evolves, you will see that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. Continue reading the series, to find out the life changing event, that turned the author into the woman she was always meant to be. The series contains many TRIGGERS.


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Anyone who knows someone struggling with addiction NEEDS to read the Sweet Melissa series. Susie leaves nothing out. The life of the addict is both heartbreaking and frightening.


What will it take? May 29, 2017
Given extra time in prison when caught for using Melissa still lives for the high off heroin. Two years later but no wiser she is released only to discover the guy she loves, the one she had gone to jail with had a new girlfriend. She gets a legit job for a bit, but confines to use and prostitute herself to support her habit. Depressed, she goes thru her days wondering if she'll ever be happy. Then Johnny calls.

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About Susan Segovia-Munoz

Susan Segovia-Munoz was born in Los Angeles, California. "BEHIND BARS" is the third book in the series "SWEET MELISSA". The author wrote the "SWEET MELISSA MEMOIR SERIES" to inspire others, and to prove that there is ALWAYS hope. The series contains many TRIGGERS, and may not be suitable for the newly recovered. The series may be helpful to family members of an addict. It shows how easily it is to get caught up in a cycle of abuse, and addiction. To others it may be simply entertainment. This is NOT a self-help book by any means. It is the author's personal story of ADDICTION, THE LIFESTYLE, and THE RECOVERY.
Susan Segovia-Munoz is living a drug-free life in Southern California. She enjoys painting, photography (in front, and behind the camera) and most of all she enjoys spending quality time with her family.

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