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What's So Sweet About Melissa? Book Two


Like the saying goes, what goes up, must come down. I just wish it did not have to apply to my life all the time. I have always tried to be optimistic, but who was I trying to kid? My life was destined to be one disaster after another, and until I finally made the decision to change my lifestyle in every single way, things would never be any different.

In the meantime, my life continued to revolve around a circle of ups and downs, existing mainly of downs. How could I have been so oblivious to my situation? Why didn't I have the strength to just stop, take a good look at my life, and realize what was causing such havoc?

I was a prisoner of heroin by my own choice. I was locked up, both mentally, and physically. I often wondered if there was a key somewhere out there, that one day, would be turned to set me free. I just had not realized yet, that I was the holder of that key.

In Book Two of the Sweet Melissa memoir series, you will continue on the journey of the author's descent. Her addiction to heroin has stripped her soul, and taken control over her every move. With her senses and emotions dulled, she falls deeper into a hole of which she believes she will never escape from. This is a memoir that takes you rock bottom.
Book Two begins where Book One left off, with the author sitting in a holding tank after being sentenced to prison for the first time. Follow the story of a life-long addict and her eventual recovery.


Even better than part 1 February 2, 2017
So I was hooked after book 1 of this series and couldn't imagine book 2 can be better but it was! What a life Susan has had! I am so glad she came out in one piece and was able to put out this series. I highly recommend this series. It is a fast and compelling read.


The best book on addictionI have read in a long time January 29, 2017
Great book I read book one and I had to continue the series it is great and keeps you hooked I read the book in one sitting which is very unusual for me the content kept my interest and I am waiting for book 3 to arrive best series on addiction I have ever read

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About Susan Segovia-Munoz

Susan Segovia-Munoz was born in Los Angeles, California. "WHAT'S SO SWEET ABOUT MELISSA?" is the first book in the series "SWEET MELISSA". The author wrote the "SWEET MELISSA MEMOIR SERIES" to inspire others, and to prove that there is ALWAYS hope. The series contains many TRIGGERS, and may not be suitable for the newly recovered. The series may be helpful to family members of an addict. It shows how easily it is to get caught up in a cycle of abuse, and addiction. To others it may be simply entertainment. This is NOT a self-help book by any means. It is the author's personal story of ADDICTION, THE LIFESTYLE, and THE RECOVERY.
Susan Segovia-Munoz is living a drug-free life in Southern California. She enjoys painting, photography (in front, and behind the camera) and most of all she enjoys spending quality time with her family.

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