Sweet Grace

Sweet Grace is now the #1 Weight Loss Memoir on Amazon. The book chronicles Teresa Shields Parker's journey through super morbid obesity and out to a normal weight after losing more than 250 pounds.

Once weighing 430 pounds, she's been through every magic fix imaginable. The thing she found that worked, really worked, was a key she had available to her all along.

After years of praying about her difficult, she finally realized she had to make a bold decision to change her life. She knew she was addicted processed sugar and flour because she craved them day and night. With God’s help, she gave up what she craved and began walking choice by choice into freedom.

Sweet Grace will challenge you. It may shock you at times. You may shed a tear. But one thing is certain, you will never again be able to say you don't know what to do to become healthy. It is possible to overcome food cravings and live free and healthy.

Also available, Sweet Grace Study Guide: Practical Steps To Lose Weight and Overcome Sugar Addiction. Also available on Amazon.

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About Teresa Parker

Teresa Shields Parker was born in 1953 in Fayette MO. A journalist, she edited and published Good News Journal and Family Magazine. In addition, she has worked for numerous newspapers and organizations writing, always writing.

Numerous writing awards include Touchstone Award of Excellence in Writing from American Hospital Association, National Federation of Press Women first place for feature story, Missouri Press Women's Communicator of the Year and numerous other awards.

"Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds and Stopped Trying To Earn God's Favor" (2013) is a memoir which tells the story of her lifelong struggle with super morbid obesity. To date, she has actually lost 259 pounds and is still losing. She says her goal is "to be normal, whatever that is."

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