Suddenly Solomon

The Last Musician

Musical genius Virge Johnson is assigned a soul-rescue mission after an angel uses a world-wide broadcast to foretell the destruction of manmade civilization. It's as though 'Left Behind' and 'The Purge' have been brought together; the Remnant of Believers in Christ comes up against a genuine Agent of Satan, one who'll stop at nothing to keep his self-appointed 'rulership' over the people he's lured into his world with drugs, drinking, and the abandonment of all morality. Virge's most trusted companion, Solomon, helps him prove that forgiveness is offered even for the most proud sinners, and healing is possible even for the deepest wounds of the soul.


After reading entire Novel, a formula emerges that all the resentment, bitterness, offense and judgement can only be released through the radical mercy of Jesus. This is Jesus’ way and He wants to teach same to us. And finally, when we walk in this freedom, we understand 1 Corinthians 13; love keeps no record of wrongs. This story is a blueprint how to live the true Christian life. You have the original creative genius my loving brother. You are gifted!!!!! God continue to bless you as a preserved remnant of Christ.
Your sis in Christ, Abha


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About Jeffrey Wesley Landmon

Author, Musician, and firm believer in the saving grace of the gift of Christ's sacrifice for all of Mankind, Jw Landmon brings his experiences and renown creativity to life in all that he does. His goal is to honor the Lord, and share his message of Good News with all who will hear.

As a writer, one of Jw's greatest pleasures is bringing his readers to the question of 'what if?'. And with his style of very aptly using winding cliff-hanger scenarios, he uses his gift towards an ever-present acknowledgment that God is far above the understanding we as humans are able to gain while here on earth.

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