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Episode Four - The Voyan Adventures

A dangerous female wizard named Mystra has been transformed into a Spectre Warrior by the amazing crystalline technology of the High Wizards known as the Masters of Light. With their fantastic crystals, she powers the neon tubes of her dazzling energy weapons and huge holographic projections. Eric Hart and the crew of the starship Voyan are on a mission to try to stop her quest for power!

The very beautiful and busty female figure surrounded by a scintilla of energy attacks Eric and his friends. The powerful energies cause the dark tresses of her hair to swirl about her shoulders. Using the strange neon tubes of her shiny black spacesuit, Mystra unleashes a telepathic phantasmagoria on the starship Voyan. In the strangest fantasy world ever, Mystra becomes a being of higher power. Soaring like a supernova, she confronts the deepest darkest evil she has ever known, a righteous test for the ultimate Spectre Warrior!

Profile Photo Stephen Willems

About Stephen Willems

It wasn't long before a thin floppy-haired boy with wire-rimmed glasses, inspired by the science fiction writers of the Star Wars era, catapulted his new band of interstellar voyagers in a trek across the stars. Born and raised in the city of big shoulders, I graduated from paintings in art class to fantasy stories of dragon riders and star monsters. The action-packed novels titled “The Voyan Adventures” crossed the edge of the century very quickly.

My new release is SPECTRE WARRIORS, a Nook book that is Episode Four in "The Voyan Adventures".

With days and nights filled with singing along with electric guitars in moody seaside cafes and foggy dreams of cobblestone and lamplight, this starry-eyed dreamer remains. Hoping that my written words have meaning and purpose, I stand prepared for the darkest battle with pen in hand, a poetic soldier. Your fantasy architect, SJCW

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