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Soul Skin, Woman have you had enough?

“‘Soul Skin’ can best be described as bliss in literary form—it is a mind-bending, sweeping story of impossible journeys made so believable by Jan’s incredible literary talent.” - New York Book Pundit
***** Reader's Favorite 5 star Award & BookWorks Book of the Week
""Soul Skin Woman have you had enough?" is an exceptional, inspiring book with an important message and deep meaning." NY Literary Magazine

"Woman have you had enough? An inspiring tale of hardship, wisdom and discovery, Soul Skin is a celebration of those of us who do not fit into ‘normal’. Deeply moving, Soul Skin is an odyssey of many lifetimes, that summons our own personal journeys.
Life overflows with problems as Navi is caught in between two worlds, of loss, destiny and self-discovery. Striving to cope with; a child’s cancer, marital heartbreak, a stifling rural church community, a scandalous love affair, job loss, menopause and a haunting dark shadow nemesis, Navi is left heart broken and shamed. Lost and alone with her daughter, she is comforted by her dead Grandmother and a mysterious soul skin man.           Slammed into impossible challenges, insights come through ancient sisterhood teachings and sacred dream journeying to historic events in; a Nazi death camp, a pre-civil war deep south, indigenous North America, as Joan of Arc, audience with Lord Byron, as a wolf mate and more. Throughout, Navi candidly explores life with wit, yet it is the love bond of her daughter, Gran and soul skin man that carries her through.
Following the power of fate and finding the freeing truth of who you truly are, can be a magical journey of remembering your; innate heart wisdom, connection with the spirit world of possibilities and bring forth your life mission. The power of your Ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!"

“Woman, you were not made to be tame and small, you are a divine spark in a timeless sisterhood collective; you are an old wise soul and you came to change the course of history.”

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Review Sample:

5.0 out of 5 starsA literary sensation!

By Meghan New York Book Pundit
     Perhaps Jan Porter’s ‘Soul Skin’ can best be described as bliss in literary form—it is a mind-bending, sweeping story of impossible journeys made so believable by Jan’s incredible literary talent. And did I mention it is also deeply entertaining?
At its heart, ‘Soul Skin’ is about a woman’s mid-life crisis: Navi is unhappy with her marriage and is desperate to find meaning and purpose. Saddled with physical, financial and psychological tumults, and with an unquenchable longing for long-gone loved ones, Navi finds solace in what is called ‘dream journeys’—placing her in several historical events and interacting with famous historical figures. ‘Soul Skin’, therefore, is something like a thought experiment, in much the same way Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ or David Mitchell’s ‘Cloud Atlas’ can be considered so. Moreover, there is something so poetic about the way Jan Porter crafts her prose—the prosody, the cadence, the overall package hits you with that stark beauty that touches the soul. Here is well-crafted, deftly-concocted literature, with the awesome bonus that the novel will beguile you and compel you to turn the pages until the last one—than you’re left craving for more.
I highly recommend ‘Soul Skin’ to anyone who has a sense of wonder or those who crave for the kind of fiction that washes over you like warm rain. A rare literary gem, this book should be on every self-respecting reader’s bookshelf. Get a copy today—this five-star rated read is worth the time.
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About Jan Porter

Jan Porter is an Award winning author of literary fiction and personal growth books.

Award-winning author and philosophical muse Jan Porter brings indigenous cultures, spiritual phenomena and unsung heroes to life in her notable collection of prize winning books.

     A connoisseur of literary fiction with a strong female lead and universal self-help books, Jan not only seeks to move and entertain with her humorous and heartfelt novels, but also to advise her worldwide audience as they look to her for counsel on angels, spiritual fulfillment and life after abuse.

     Born in rural Ontario, Canada, contemporary women’s fiction author and self-help guru Jan grew up in the great outdoors, where she was captivated by the otherworldly allure of indigenous cultures, mysticism and tales of northern wilderness.

     She discovered her destiny to become an author during her teenage years when she came across old copies of Voltaire’s Candide, Margaret Caven’s I Heard The Owl Call My Name and the works of William Shakespeare.

     All masterpieces in their own right, the worn covers and tattered pages of these books, plays and novellas unearthed a passion for writing, and inspired Jan to transform her thoughts into words.

     Handwritten scribbles became typewritten short stories, articles and poetry, but it was only after a long career in Human Services that Jan decided to shine the spotlight on her writing and bring her female protagonists to life.

After completing a Spiritualist / Metaphysical Minister’s degree, she cocooned herself in a northern Ontario lakeside sanctuary, where she penned books with strong female heroines and self counsel course materials that had long been in various stages of completion. Little did she know that one day her work would win various book awards!

     With each new release, Jan continues to share the wisdom of unsung heroes and explore the human condition in literature. As a philosophical muse of human nature, quantum physics and the spirit world, Jan’s popular fiction novels and self-help books are profound, moving, and inspiring, and often humorous and entertaining to boot.


  • Two-time winner of the Bookworks Book of the Week Award

  • Reader’s Favorite Award for ‘Soul Skin, Woman, have you had enough?’ and ‘Angel Guides, love communication’

Proud member of:

  • The Writer’s Union of Canada

  • The Mohawk College Alumni Association

  • The Bancroft Spiritual Centre

  • Founder of the Soul Works Gifting Foundation (ad hoc)

Published Books (formerly published with Moose Hide Books, Canada):

Literary fiction novels and novellas

  • NEW RELEASE: Maddy’s Wings – brand new fiction book!

  • Soul Skin, Woman, have you had enough?

  • Peaceful Warrior Woman

  • Izzy's Ghosts – in progress

  • Barefoot Annie – in progress

Self counsel books

  • Angel Guides, love communication

  • Angel Guides, love communication – workbook journal

  • Spiritual Biz, passion and fulfillment in a changing global community

  • Soul Calling, your angel guided life purpose

  • Sacred Space, body mind soul after sexual abuse

  • Life After Abuse, a practical healing guide for survivors

Published Articles

  • Cofounder of Mystical Voices Magazine

  • Mosaic Magazine

  • Owen Sound Sun Times

  • Wiarton Echo News

  • Tobermory Press

  • Medium Online

  • One Thousand Trees Magazine – “Sharing: Our stories, ourselves, our success”

  • Link Magazine

​        “The best of your Ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!”


Bookworks Book of the Week Award:

  • ‘Soul Skin, woman have you had enough’
  • ‘Angel Guides, love communication’

Reader’s Favorite Book Award:

  • ‘Soul Skin, woman have you had enough’

​       Jan is the founder of Soul Works Gifting Foundation (ad hoc) and a proud member of; The Writer's Union of Canada, the Mohawk College Alumni Association and the Bancroft Spiritual Centre.
Formerly published with Moose Hide Books, Canada.
Articles published: Mosaic Magazine, Owen Sound Sun Times, Wiarton Echo News, Tobermory Press, Medium online, One Thousand Trees magazine, Link magazine and co-founder of Mystical Voices Magazine.
Published Books:
~ "Soul Skin, Woman, have you had enough?", literary fiction novel
~ "Peaceful Warrior Woman", literary fiction novella
~ "Angel Guides, love communication", personal growth

~ "Angel Guides, love communication - Workbook Journal", personal growth
~ "Spiritual Biz, passion and fulfillment in a changing global community", personal growth
~ "Soul Calling, your angel guided life purpose", personal growth
~ "Sacred Space, body mind soul after sexual abuse", personal growth
~ "Life After Abuse, a practical healing guide for survivors", personal growth
~ "SHARING: our stories, our selves, our success" published by; One Thousand Trees
~ "Izzy's Ghost's", a literary fiction novel in progress
~ "Maddy's Wings", a literary fiction novel in progress

*For more information or Connect:, GoodReads, Twitter, YouTube

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