Song Of The Red Wolf

The Tala Chronicles

Darkly sinister, an evil spirit and a deadly family secret could end their lives.”
How does it feel to get everything you’ve ever wanted? Perfect bliss. This is the life Billy and Wizzie Frank have worked hard for, a life they’ve both sacrificed for. The perfect marriage and the perfect house with a view, right on the Alabama River, at just the right price. Did they find their dream home by chance or by fate, or was it something more sinister?
Instead of the peaceful life, they find themselves enduring violent hauntings and encounters night after night, when the ghost of a Native American chief swears revenge on them all. They must fight for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, with the help of their neighbor kid, a Native American college professor and two unexpected heroes: the ghost of an Indian brave and his trusty companion, Tala. But is their help enough? Billy and Wizzie’s new beginning could just be their end.


The Song of The Red Wolf is full of breathless surprises that take you into chaos and mayhem, deep into Tribal Indian territory and century's old murder and vendetta's.  It will keep on the edge of your seat.  ~ PW Author

...."House does an admirable job of setting the scene in rural Alabama, and Southern colloquialisms abound, in phrases such as "hot and humid as a toad's back," an apt description for the Southern summer weather....
....The Franks are certainly likable characters, and the appearances of Chief Running Blood are scary and truly creepy." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"Fun-loving characters and unexpected events make this story a must-read. The sequels are bound to be as enticing." ~ Deanna Noga

"Definitely a unique and intriguing story, filled with unexpected twists and turns it will keep you turning the pages. With characters you are sure to relate to and love. The sequels are bound to be as exciting and scary as book one." ~ Columbia Review

"As Entertaining a  ghost story whether it's true or not as you are likely to
read." - Decatur Review

"Characters you will fall in love with, evil ghost you are sure to hate all with true Southern Charm." - HBReviews

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About Toni House

Toni House is an entrepreneur, novelist and mother. She began writing and reading stories at an early age, but as time went on, put her writing on hold until 2009 when she published her first nonfiction self-help book. Her second nonfiction self-help book was published in 2010. Her true love is writing and telling stories that readers will love and want to read more.
Gathering Storm is the first book in Toni’s new 10 book series  The Halcyon Saga.  A series you are sure to love. If you like the 90’s TV show “Dallas” or the TV show “Scandal” or “Blood and Oil” you will love Toni’s new series.
Senses Beyond, The Tala Chronicles is a companion mini-series novella. Published in 2016.

Her first fiction novel, Song of The Red Wolf, is based loosely on true events. It is the first in a three-book series, The Tala Chronicles. Published Sept. 2015.
She also plans to publish a spinoff novel, Winter Snow, about a Native American princess. Toni lives in the southern United States with her family and two of the sweetest fur babies on the planet.


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