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Simple Triple Standard

The Real Official, Almost True Backstory for Modern Commerical Radio
Simple Triple Standard

This story is about how every day we are affected by standards, whether we perceive their presence or not. "The Real Official, Almost True Backstory for Modern Commercial Radio" is fiction with a lot of truth hiding in the wings. If you've ever lived in a small town or close-knit community, you know about double standards. How much more complicated can a triple standard be, right?

World famous Austin music celebrities, and behind the scenes radio personalities embody Bryant's descriptive of this genuine 1970s Texas style nostalgic romp which also includes love and passion, and an unexpected lethal twist.

"When I was young and impressionable I saw some things that permanently changed me, changed my mind, and altered life even as I live it today. Things that are defined by standards are often that impactful. The world would surely be a terrible place without them though—standards I mean; you've got to have them! Too much of a good thing, on the other hand, is also impacting. Relative to where you stand, the impact can be deadly."


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About Ray Palla

Ray Palla worked twenty-seven years, from the age of fifteen as a broadcast news reporter for several top-rated Texas radio stations including KVET/KASE in Austin and KIKK AM/FM in Houston. In 2016 Ray was nominated for inclusion in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

Palla began programming computer software applications in 1988. In 2001 he founded INSONA Corporation, a consulting firm for the information technology industry. In 2015 INSONA began hosting Palla's creation, INSONA Author Alliance Network, a collaborative platform for authors, editors, cover artists, illustrators, video producers, and publishing professionals in the field of literature self-publishing.

During his journalism career, Ray interviewed astronauts who walked on the moon like Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin and the late Neil A. Armstrong; U.S. Senators, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, and a host of other influential notables including musicians, actors, comedians, sports legends, and everyday people. He also boasts awards for several national advertising campaign jingles for customers that include: Ford, Purina, and Exxon.

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