Show Pen Promise

In the Reins Equestrian Romance Series Book 3

Part Three of the In the Reins series
Just when everything is starting to come together in life and love, fate throws a curveball at wannabe cowgirl Devon Brooke. She has some tough decisions to make regarding cowboy McKennon Kelly, her future plans and her beloved horse Faith.

Devon is devastated when a simple mistake causes serious consequences for her horse, and she falls hard back to square one losing hope she can ever amount to the equestrian she wants to be. No longer running from his past, McKennon is desperate to bring Devon back to the saddle and honor his show pen promise, but he soon finds that Devon is ready to hang up the reins and her dreams of a buckle for good.

Can McKennon convince Devon that another horse will be able to take Faith’s place in the show pen? Should he? Will the suggestion bring them together or push them apart?Show Pen Promise, the highly anticipated third installment of the award-winning In the Reins series, follows McKennon’s quest to help Devon believe she has the strength to be the cowgirl of her dreams. Can Devon love a horse as much as she loves Faith? Will her relationship with McKennon and his show pen promise ever become reality? Is fate a friend or a foe?


"Carly Kade has built a beautiful life at Green Briar in her In the Reins series with characters the horse world has come to love. The other day I was out with my horses, mucking and doing barn chores, and caught myself thinking about Green Briar and how I wished I lived there!" - Laurie Berglie, Author of Where the Bluegrass Grows and Kicking On

"The third installment in this series brings us a quieter, reflective look at the world of horsemanship through the eyes of our favorite characters, Devon and McKennon. The story paints a vivid and accurate portrayal of the responsibilities of caring for an injured horse, training a young horse from the ground up, and the challenges of preparing for competition. Through it all, we see Devon and McKennon grow even closer as a couple as they freely share their love for their horses -- and each other. A very satisfying addition to a lovely series." - Amy Elizabeth, Author of the Aspen Eyes Series

"It's so awesome to have such a good writer creating fresh and engaging stories revolving around horses. If you need some good summer reading and you love great fiction with horses, then get to reading! Even if you're not a horse person, you can still enjoy because the characters are really interesting. I highly recommend!" - Sarah Conrad, Equestrian Journalist, Lexington, KY
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About Carly Kade

Carly Kade is an award-winning equestrian author from Arizona. Creative writing makes her spurs jingle! She writes fiction about horses, horse shows, Western pleasure and a handsome cowboy or two. Her books are for people just like her ... crazy about reading, horses and cute cowboys! Carly's novel inspired by the equestrian lifestyle is an EQUUS Film Festival Literary Award Winner for Best Western Fiction and has earned two Feathered Quill Book Awards in the Romance and Adult Book featuring Animals categories.

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