She Rides with Genghis Khan

Catalina Syrah and Nicholas Bonhomme are back in action. She Rides with Genghis Khan mixes fact with fiction, building layer upon layer of nail-biting suspense as a modern day caravan winds its way along the ancient Silk Road. Treasured documents and secret histories guide them deep into the heart of Mongolia where they seek the burial site of Genghis Khan--one time ruler of the known world and presumed guardian of the all-powerful Buddha Jewel.

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About Pamela Boles Eglinski

Pamela Boles Eglinski brings more than a decade of writing long novels and short stories to fans from New York to California. "She Rides with Genghis Khan" is the second in a series featuring Catalina Syrah and Nicholas Bonhomme. "Return of the French Blue," is the first in the series. Catalina, in case you wondered, is the female version of Indiana Jones. Prepare for a wild ride!

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