Sex, Blood, Rock ‘N’ Roll, and Vampyr (The Bloodline Series Book 1)

Where the Vampyr trilogy ends, the all-new Bloodline trilogy begins.

Hiding in the dark shadows of New Orleans reinvented as his son, Quinn Forrester, a former successful eighties rock star is doing a great job of concealing his identity as an ageless vampire. Quinn fears his secret could be exposed when the opening of an art gallery brings his former band member, Jeff West, to town. A beautiful artist with a connection to Jeff and a secret obsession with vampires unknowingly leads Jeff to Quinn the night she wanders into his Bourbon Street nightclub, Vampyr. Chaos results as Jeff inches closer to the truth. Will Jeff uncover Quinn is their band's long-lost frontman, and Quinn is hiding something darker than Jeff ever thought possible in this compelling steamy character-driven story? An entertaining and fun read. A rock star romance with a bite.


"K.M. McFarland may have just made a big contribution to the massive amount of vampire lore and books that have been created in the wake of Anne Rice...I like K.M. McFarland's take on vampire lore. I like her characters. The writing is good. The plot works, and the vampires are fashionable and friendly...If you are in the market for a new vampire book, try this one." —Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

"The New Orleans setting is exciting and filled with mystery... Readers who enjoy paranormal romance blended with family sagas will find much to enjoy." —Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite
"The title alone got me interested and looked like it could be a wild book... McFarland does a great job in bringing the reader to a whole new area of vampires and the location she picks is perfect." -- D. W. Jones for Blood Moon Rising Magazine
"I read a LOT of vampire books, for me they will never go out of fashion and send me a good one and I am a happy camper. With this book the title pretty much tells you everything you can expect from this book before you even start to turn the pages...It was a quick, enjoyable read, with a good mix of the elements I expected." —NerdGirlVamp for Nerd Girl Official Book Blog


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About K. M. McFarland

K. M. McFarland made her way to the Big Easy in middle school by way of Nashville, Tennessee and the Florida beaches. She immediately became intrigued by its old-world ambiance. Her obsession with Vampires began in 1986 one day when she was browsing a bookstore and discovered a new author named Anne Rice. She walked out with a copy of The Vampire Lestat and soon became a lifelong fan of The Vampire Chronicles. Inspired by Anne Rice’s concept of the modern day vampire, she began spinning her own stories combining vampires, Voodoo, ghosts, haunted houses, and New Orleans’ colorful history. When she isn’t writing or roaming the French Quarter researching her next book, you will find her spending time with her family, shopping online, or marathoning a good TV series. Photography, music, art, traveling, reading, coffee, and wine are among her favorite things.

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