The Sell Sheet

Learn How To Create And Use This Powerful Marketing Tool To Improve Your Book Sales
The Sell Sheet





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Book Description
From The Introduction

A book’s sell sheet is a key component of a well-thought-out and complete marketing plan. And by utilizing a professional looking sell sheet, together with a complete media kit, and a great website, you will be able to distinguish you and your book from the thousands of others trying to get attention.

A sell sheet is not as simplistic as it might first appear. It is much more than a simple list of physical facts about your book, and a picture of you and your book. It is a sophisticated and calculated strategic marketing tool that can help you achieve several important goals at once.

This book will show you how to create a powerful sell sheet that will help you improve your book sales.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: How This Book Can Help You Sell More Books Starting Today

Part 1: Introduction To The Sell Sheet
1.1: Sell Sheets: An Intro Guide For New Self-Publishers

Part 2: Sell Sheet Fundamentals
2.1: 7 Questions To Ask Before Writing Your Book’s Sell Sheet
2.2: 5 Sell Sheet Design Secrets For Self-Publishers
2.3: Sell Sheet Terminology For Book Marketers
2.4: What Makes A Great Sell Sheet?
2.5: 3 Steps To Creating A Winning Sell Sheet
2.6: 5 Surefire Ways To Optimize Your Book’s Sell Sheet
2.7: 5 Signs Your Sell Sheet Needs A Makeover
2.8: 4 Hot Tips To Writing A Sell Sheet’s Call-To-Action
2.9: 9 Tips On Writing A Great Description For A Non-Fiction Book
2.10: 11 Free Testimonial Sources For Non-Fiction Authors

Part 3: Sell Sheet Marketing Strategy 
3.1: 4 Myths About Sell Sheets That Can Ruin Your Book Sales
3.2: The 5 Basic Ingredients Of Successful Book Marketing
3.3: The Book Buyer’s Decision-Making Process
3.4: 5 Profitable Ways To Use Your Book’s Sell Sheet
3.5: What You Need To Do Now To Start Selling More Books

Part 4: Appendix
4.1: A Self-Publisher’s Guide To Creating A Powerful Sell Sheet (Infographic)
4.2: Sell Sheet Template Questionnaire
4.3: Sell Sheet Samples
4.4: About The Author


From The Back Cover
In this book, you’ll quickly learn how to:

  • Create a powerful and professional-looking sell sheet
  • Use your sell sheet to get your book into more markets Include the proper data needed for library and bookstore sales
  • Avoid the myths about sell sheets than can ruin your book sales
  • Give your book a big pre-release marketing boost
  • Give your current sell sheet a makeover
  • Use your sell sheet in more profitable ways

By the end of The Sell Sheet, you’ll understand everything there is to know about the sell sheet, and be well prepared to create and use your own sell sheet as a powerful marketing tool to help you sell more books!

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