Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors

Carla King's self-publishing books have been the go-to guides for authors since 2010. This new edition has been already been downloaded by tens of thousands of authors to help them in their indie author journey. In it, she curates a list of affordable tools and services you can trust and warns you against companies with expensive fees who prey on authors eager to publish.

Whether you're writing fiction, nonfiction or creating a full-color book, you'll learn how to produce it in print and all the popular ebook formats with technology that does most of the work for you.
This guide is a thorough but friendly tour of the process with to-do and checklists lists to get you started on the publishing path that's right for you, or if you need to start over, it'll help you back out of a process that is not working.
Even if you're not doing it yourself, you'll learn enough to hire and guide a book producer or a team of professionals. 
Topics include choosing the right tools for book creation and distribution, running your publishing business, author brand and platform, social media marketing and traditional promotion, hybrid publishing with trusted partners, attracting an agent and a traditional publishing deal, raising money for your book, sales and distribution, metadata, SEO, and book discovery in Amazon and all the online retailers, selling in brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries, formatting and conversion, EPUB format and MOBI for Kindle and creating a full-color, fixed-layout book for the new tablet readers, printing, mailing lists, websites, and blogs.
If you can't find the answer in her book Carla replies to questions very quickly via email. The new or clarified information goes in the next update. This is why her Self-Pub Boot Camp series of books and workshops have been so successful. She is committed to providing access to information to ease the self-publishing journey.
The 3rd edition ebook has been downloaded tens of thousands of times by authors eager to jump into the self-publishing journey. If you buy the print book, you get the ebook for free!


If you're thinking about joining the self-publishing revolution, Carla King's new edition of Self-Publishing Boot Camp is where you should start. From trusted vendors to top software, from branding to blogging, Carla has practical, real-world advice based on her own years of successful self-publishing. I highly recommend this book.
--Joel Friedlander,

Carla King's excellent guide is a must-read for anyone thinking about publishing their own work. I beg you to read her this book before you even write your first word and you'll have a better understanding of how to bring a book to fruition and then to be successful in the marketplace. She's a great friend to the Indie community and provides this valuable resource as a gift of love.
--Robin Cutler, IngramSpark

Carla King's Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors is a must read for every author. Her book is a comprehensive, accessible, with a practical look at all aspects of the vast and constantly changing world of self-publishing. Whether a debut writer or one with a backlist, I recommend keeping the reference at hand and referring to it often. It's like having your own personal guru in your hip pocket. The demands on the successful authorpreneur are seemingly endless and having Self-Publishing Boot Camp to turn to lightens the load.
--Barbara Hinske, author of the Rosemont series of novels

Carla King's Self-Publishing Boot Camp books have been the go-to guides for authors since 2011. They've been so successful they've launched a series of seminars and workshops. Now Ms. King returns with the highly anticipated 3rd edition of her guide.

-- Steven Spatz, President of BookBaby

Making it simple and straightforward for the rest of us!
--Karen Fritz, Adventure travel author

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About Carla King

I'm Carla King, an author and self-publishing expert. I have a background in journalism, technical writing, and adventure travel and so when I was turned down by big pub in 1994 I combined my strengths to adventurously and geekily figure out how to self-publish on my own.
If all the information on self-publishing out there has your head spinning or you just don't have time to do the research, I want to share what I know about it from many years of doing it, writing about it, and teaching others how to publish.

This book is the best place to start, and I have a newsletter that keeps you up to date on changes, new tools, tips and techniques to keep you sane!

The majority of readers plow through the self-publishing process themselves, but if you are still feeling overwhelmed you can do one of two things:

  1. Download the Self-Pub Boot Camp virtual workshop for $99, which is less than one hour of my consulting time. This workshop contains more than 14 hours of audio, video, slidesets, and documents from the top experts in self-publishing that I trust. It includes this book and also membership in a private community. Find out more on my website.
  2. Hire me to coach you through all or part of the process, and allow me to guide you to the right editors, formatters, designers and website experts, too! Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation from the website.
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