Julia James has spent most of her life hiding in plain sight. For her, the cello was a way to get past a hellish childhood. Even now that she is one of the top cellists in the country, and a contender in the most prestigious, high-stakes music competition in the world, she hopes no one will notice her.


But then someone does.


A chance (or is it?) encounter brings her to the attention of the distractingly sexy, charismatic French horn player, Jeremy Corrigan. As he helps her to embrace her talent, her sexuality and her past, Julia thinks she might finally be headed toward her ‘happily-ever-after.’


Unfortunately, happily isn’t so much ‘ever-after’ for Julia.


The lines between love and obsession are blurred in REVERIE.


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Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer



Lauren Rico

Harmony House Productions


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Julia's gone into hiding in response to her terrible childhood experiences - not in a usual secret place, but in full public view. As one of the top cellists in the country, her ambitions and work assures that she won't become involved in any pressing or dangerous relationships, and won't have to face either her own sexuality or the ghosts of her past.


But fellow musician Jeremy has broken down these barriers, and Julia finally feels able to trust, open up, and move on from her past, since she's now found the right person to help - or, has she?


Reverie is a powerful story about hiding and dangerous patterns, it's about playing from memory and turning those memories into powerful instruments of change, and it's about what happens when that determination to succeed against all odds is attacked by something different.


It's not that Julia doesn't have friends - Matthew and other musicians are some of her biggest fans. It's that she hasn't let anyone get close, until now. And her hardest decisions may be yet to come.


Reverie focuses on the demanding world of professional music, the opportunities it holds for success and safety, and what happens when someone breaks through professional boundaries.


Julia didn't expect a charming and complicated guy to penetrate her well-honed defenses. She didn't opt to fall for someone who gets along with few people in her world. And most of all, she didn't expect that the techniques she carefully put into place to survive would all come crashing down around her the instant she relaxed.


Jeremy, too, is in for more than a few surprises ("I’ve been blindsided, that’s what happened. And I don’t do blindsided.") What evolves is an increasingly complicated example of what happens when different worlds - and relationships - collide.  What makes a stalker or contributes to the relationship between stalker and victim? What happens when others get in the way of carefully-laid plans?


As perspectives change between Jeremy and Julia and immerse everyone around them in music and personal worlds, the story becomes a riveting example of what happens when things fall apart. The story revolves around a competition in more ways than one, and its outcome will surprise and delight readers looking for a blend of professional music world insights, romance, and psychological tension. Most of all, Reverie profiles dreams, shattered visions, and survival. Tenacious and absorbing, Reverie is a story hard to put down.

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About Lauren E. Rico

Lauren Rico was going to be principal French horn of the New York Philharmonic. That was HER plan, anyway. The New York Philharmonic had no idea of her intentions, and that's probably a good thing, since she wasn't an especially good French horn player!

Lauren was, however, an exceptionally good classical music radio host. Calling herself a "Classical Music Reanimator," she has made a career of demystify classical music for her audiences by taking it off a dusty old pedestal and putting it into a modern context.  

It's only been over the last couple of years that Lauren has discovered a passion for writing, which she's managed to combine with her love and knowledge of the classical music world. That's when she had the realization that she had something special with this story of love and obsession and music. 

You can hear Lauren Rico on SiriusXM's Symphony Hall Channel; on WSHU-FM in the New York metro; WSMR in Tampa/Sarasota, FL; WDAV in Charlotte, NC and KMFA in Austin, TX

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