Return of the French Blue

Catalina Syrah, one time CIA agent, is on a mission to redeem her family's priceless blue diamond necklace. The diamonds were cleaved from Louis XIV's French Blue, a sixty-eight carat gemstone, known today as the Hope Diamond.
French Directorate spy, Nicholas Bonhomme, sets up a sting operation on the Riviera. His goal: use the Syrah necklace to capture Gul Mazeer, assassin turned global terrorist.
Like Indiana Jones, Catalina carries a weapon of choice -- two blades strapped in a double holster on her back -- a gift from her grandmother, WWII spy for the French Resistance.
"Return of the French Blue" plunges the reader into a clash of terrorists, spies, jewel thieves and lovers. Will the spy skills Catalina once possessed be enough to redeem the family necklace, trap the assassin, and keep the ruggedly handsome Nicholas Bonhommme at bay? You are about to find out.

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