Restoring the Republic

A New Social Contract for We the People

Restoring the Republic: A New Social Contract for We the People provides an overview of political concepts essential to understanding the evolution of our political system. It describes the problems associated with too many citizens disconnected or loosely connected to the public sphere and the paths active citizens can take to restore the principles of the Founders of the Republic consistent with the knowledge, wisdom, and experience gained in the last 240 years. The work addresses the need to establish a new social contract, one that strengthens the ability of citizens to conduct their own affairs while guaranteeing all residents equality under the law and equality in accessing opportunities to improve their lives.

The presentation uses events and ideas from a group of historical periods (ancient Athens, the first few centuries of the Rome Empire, Tudor England, the Thirty Years War, the twentieth century) to exemplify concepts still in use. The last few chapters of the book use the current presidential election the same way. When it comes right down to it, the most important aspect of any political system is the way it reflects popular will without diminishing the rights of minority populations in society.

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Bear Kosik’s most recent work, Restoring the Republic: A New Socil Contract for We the People was published on March 30, 2016. His first novel, The Secret History of Another Rome, was released by Kellan Publishing on April 2, 2015. His novelette, Boots on the Ground, was included in the anthology The Brawny and the Bold, also released by Kellan in November 2015. Bear also writes plays and poetry. His short play, Hiding Bodies, will mark his NYC production debut in July 2016 at the Midtown International Theater Festival. He also writes political essays published at and One essay appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of River & South Review.

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