A YA Dystopian Thriller (The Resistance Series Book Two)

Tommy and Careen’s eyes are opened to the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense’s abuses of power. After accidentally discovering that the miracle antidote that’s supposed to protect them is actually meant to control them, they take their knowledge public and join the fight to undermine the OCSD’s next bid for total control of the population.

Being a part of the Resistance brings with it a whole new set of challenges. Tommy and Careen’s differing viewpoints threaten to drive a wedge between them, and their budding relationship is tested. Not everyone working for change proves trustworthy, and plans to spark a revolution go awry with consequences far beyond anything they bargained for.

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Author Tracy Lawson hits it out of the park in this second book of her gripping dystopian series. Fast-paced and impossible to put down! Who says this is only for young adults? I absolutely loved it, and my 17-year old daughter did as well!

This book is rich in detail and filled with great characters. Tommy and Careen are as brave and bold as they come. Determined to continue their quest to overthrow a corrupt government, they are on the run to reach their Resistance headquarters. Lives and relationships and everything else imaginable are put to the test here. Put this on your must-read list! I can't wait for the next book. Tracy Lawson is a budding superstar author!

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About Tracy Lawson

Once upon a time, Tracy was a little girl with a big imagination who loved to tell stories. Her interests in dance, theater, and other forms of make-believe led to a career in the performing arts, where "work" means she gets to do things like tap dance, choreograph musicals, and write books!

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