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Book One of the Jordy Nichols Trilogy

Jordy Nichols is eleven-almost-twelve. He's also an orphan, having no other family than his Uncle Carver. The pair have hazy, almost nonexistent memories of their past -- in fact, the only thing they know is that Uncle Carver adopted him as a baby, and the uncle simply cannot remember life without the boy. Jordy, whose birthday is on Christmas Day, receives incredible and over-the-top gifts every year from an unidentified benefactor -- and the boy and his uncle try in vain to research the source. This year, however, something changes. Jordy receives two plane tickets to Prague, a hotel room key, and a note that simply says ""Merry Christmas and Happiest of Birthdays, Jordy. This year differs greatly. We look forward to seeing you. With our whole hearts." Guided by a mysterious and almost-mythical Crimson Partridge, Jordy and Uncle Carver begin an adventure that leads them to a mysterious realm known only as "Olde World" and come face to face with amazing (and often frightening) legends as they journey toward their goal of discovering the truth behind Carver's past -- and Jordy's heritage


"If you love Percy Jackson books or the magic of the great pyramid books, you are sure to LOVE RedBird. I can't wait to start the next book in the series!" Petra's Mom Amazon Review


"Perfect escapist literature, thanks to this little get-away I was looking forward to a morning at the DMV so I could spend time reading! Flower's story is full of humor and wisdom, taking us on a journey of discovery with an "eleven almost twelve year-old" boy, into a fantastical realm of magic and legends brought to life. Like or Orson Scott Card, or Rick Riordan, Jessub Flower creates a young hero you living in this world and fighting the monsters of another. Like Brandon Sanderson he has created a distinct and wonderful world of magical creatures and laws. Although I'm comparing him to better known authors; Flower has a unique, witty and enjoyable voice in his writing, with excellent pacing. I absolutely appreciate the satisfying ending despite being the first in a series, no ridiculous cliffhanger, and yet I'm looking forward to the next book in the series." Kim Q. Amazon Review

"My summary might be awkwardly worded in places, but that’s only because I was so surprised by the big twist of this book that I dare not spoil it for any potential readers. What’s more, if I had seen a flatly worded summary myself, I probably would’ve dismissed this as an overdone cliché of a story, instead of the enjoyable adventure it turned out to be." Kelsie Olds Life is Story

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Jessub Flower is a writer that resides in the Bay Area. He has written three novels, several screenplays, and has published articles and short stories. He is married, has four beautiful children, and loves hearing and telling stories

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