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Red Clover

Lee Winekoop suffered a childhood fraught with criticism and isolation. Now twenty-six, confused and emotionally bankrupt, he leaves his dysfunctional upper-class family to find his true self. In pursuit of cultivating a meaningful life for himself, Lee discovers a world poles apart from the one he had left behind and an assortment of unforgettable characters to go with it. But just when things start falling into place, a well-intentioned domestic servant divulges an alarming family secret that causes Lee to question who he is and where he's going.


Windy City Reviews - "Red Clover is a wonderfully written story about a man overcoming his upbringing and becoming his own man. The finished product, both the man and the story, are exemplary."

Charlie Bray, Founder of - "Florence Osmund is a brilliant wordsmith who paints such a rounded picture of each character that the reader feels he is in the book with them."

BestChickLit - "A beautiful moving story that gently absorbs you into the lives of the characters."

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About Florence Osmund

After a long career working in corporate America, Florence Osmund retired to write novels.

"I strive to craft stories that contain thought-provoking plots, and characters with depth and complexity--particularly ones that challenge readers to survey their own values," Osmund states.

As an author who likes to help new and aspiring writers get started, Florence developed a website that offers substantial advice on crafting stories, getting self-published, promoting books, and more.

Osmund currently resides in downtown Chicago where she is working on her next novel.


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